Welcome to
Porto Pianofest

August 1 - 8, 2021


Calendar of Events

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Music daily IN-PERSON and STREAMED ONLINE from August 1-8.

located in
Porto, Portugal

experience the beautiful, historic and cultural venues.



a retreat designed for top-level musicians to perform and practice


acceptance as a PPF Resident includes:

  • a featured performance in one of Porto's central venues
  • daily practice time and space in the Porto Conservatory
  • coachings with our Artist Faculty
  • professional audio and video recordings of performances
  • room & board
  • professional headshots, dossier work, and more!

Meet Top Pianists

Every year, internationally renowned pianists meet in Porto for intense musical instruction and awe-inspiring performances.

Create New Memories

Capture the moment- create new experiences with new friends in this unforgettable place

Explore the city

Porto is a travel destination for music, art, and culture. Explore the city with other artists.